POEM (london improvisers Orchestra, 8th June 2018)


(whether you like it or not)


(whatever the weather)


(yelled from the sidelines)

a lament for lost time arguing

hunt in packs

sing in choirs

give us a task

(the wind has its whistling)

let off steam

drown in sorrow

waterlogged pitch

when to come in?


pain passes (stretch) weep

organ pipes a song collective a whale

from the depths deep blue

a dance on your doorstep (incorrigible flirt)

two mice playing cat and mouse

on a first date

this mechanism enables a decision

to be made in a matter of minutes

if you knuckle down

you can easily learn

to live as a bat (sway shattered shrieking sniff

stiff-necked) it cannot be ignored

(the knocking on the door)

a bracelet

lurching plant pot

night on the terrace

drunk in charge of a duck farm

no pressure then

now a lot of pressure

(fucking loads of it!)



only one can go through